We Don’t Just Make Personalized Art Gifts. We Make Personalized Art Gifts Better.

Updated: Apr 15

How do you create an everlasting memory?

Make an ‘art-note’ of a special occasion and cherish it forever.

Ask our gallery's team for more ideas about personalising your art gifts the "Mamush-way". Is it an initial? A name? A special date? Creatively added text and symbols on artworks turn multiple edition art pieces into unique memorabilia for you and your loved ones.

How do you make the right choice?

 The resin sculpture titled "Love me" by sculptor Stathis Alexopoulos from Heart Series
Ideal gift ideas about love

At Mamush Gallery's online shop you can visit the page GIFT IDEAS, browse through the filters at the left side of the site and find ideal gifts for birthdays, christenings, newborn babies, weddings, for your friends and loved ones, for you and your families.

It is time to make that memory timeless!

You can search based on the artist's name, type of artwork or price range and make your choice! And if you haven't found what inspires you don't have to waste time looking around and instead contact us so we can find the best solution and idea for your occasion!