Custom Requests

Custom made solutions are the ultimate trend! 

Ranging from Installation options, personalised requests, made - to - measure prints, we aim to provide creative solutions and give you ideas and options on how to create everlasting memories for you and your loved ones. 

Personalised Art

Create an everlasting memory, make an ‘art-note’ of a special occasion and cherish it forever.


Is it an initial? A name? A special date? Creatively added text and symbols on prints turn multiple edition art pieces into unique memorabilia for you and your loved ones.


Ideal gifts for birthdays, christenings, newborn babies, weddings, for your friends and loved ones, for you and your families. Make that memory timeless.

Installation options

When it comes to displaying artwork, the options are endless. Be it from a simple frame to a showcase, artists are collaborating with our gallery and approved additional display options and installations made-to-measure to elevate their unique and multiple masterpieces.


From Plexiglas showcases, stands, intricate and unique frames, custom sized prints on various textures; there are various options that will add to the artwork and make it stand out even more.


It's your call for more

Did you ever wish you could own a unique artwork created just for you? Is there a special recipient that you would like to order something to be created just for him?


Contact us and share your thoughts on what you have in mind and we can assist you in finding that perfect gift. Various artists we collaborate with work on commission and can create unique artworks just for you.